At La Cache Outfitters we offer world class waterfowl hunts based on over 30 years of hunting and land management experience. Due to our unique locations along the St. Lawrence River we follow the migratory routes to ensure we are hunting the peak of the migration.

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We have partnerships with various hotel, motel, private chalet and lodge to provide you quality lodging in hunting area.


La Cache Outfitters is located in the first major staging areas south of the Northern Boreal forest in Québec, Canada. This is where the majority of all the Atlantic fly way waterfowl nest and raise their young. Those hunting area are : Victoriaville, Lac-Saint-Jean, Cap Tourmente, Bas St-Laurent and Eastern Ontario.


The quality hunts are provided by a day of scouting. Our hunts occur in harvested grain fields where we observed duck or geese feeding in the previous days.

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Our Lodge offers the perfect blend of prime hunting location, professional and enjoyable guides, abundant wildlife, and comfortable accommodations.

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No matter what, our guides put all the effort they can to get you on birds. They are smart, dedicated and their work ethic is strong. They want to pile em as bad or worse than our clients. La Cache Outfitters has a great team of professionals waterfowl guides who know the game inside and out. Come learn, hunt and have fun with some of the best waterfowl hunting guides in Canada.

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Waterfowl hunting opportunities in our area of Quebec are outstanding. The majority of our snow goose, Canada goose or duck hunting is done on agricultural land. We have access to thousands of acres of prime waterfowl hunting land which enables us to provide quality hunts to our hunters. Our guides scout fields everyday and move to new feed fields daily. We offer several types of field hunting options in terms of blinds and set-ups depending on the time of the season, weather and type of field.  Our team always chasing that perfect hunting situation.


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