Greater Snow Geese

Snow Goose hunting is what we’re known for at La Cache Outfitters. Quebec, Canada is the largest staging areas in the world for Greater Snow Geese. With access to thousands of acres of prime land, the hunting you will experience here is unmatched with any other part of the world. 

Snow goose hunting is very much detail oriented

There are a lot of different factors that draw success in snow goose hunting and it takes a lot to make it happen with consistency. We can’t always control how it’s gonna go, we can’t guarantee 100 bird days but we will control everything in our power to do what we can to get you those unforgettable hunts.

Fall Snow’s

During the fall our Greater Snow Goose hunts take place in the center of the most important fall staging area in Quebec. Thousands of birds, combined with thousands of acres of food, make the agricultural fields of central Quebec the perfect place to hunt Greater Snow Geese. La Cache Outfitters has exclusive access to the best private fields of this vast staging and feeding area.

The quality of each hunt is ensured by daily scouting. We enjoy very high success rates, which our repeat clients can attest to, because we are mobile. We hunt where the birds are; not where they were last week or last year. Waterfowl hunting is all about preparation and good location.

Waterfowl hunting is all about preparation and good location.

Snow Goose Hunting Canada

Hunting locations

  • Lac St-Jean area from October first – October 15th
  • Victoriaville area from October 15th – November 25th
  • Eastern Ontario December first – December 20th
spring snow goose hunting

Spring Snow Goose

When spring arrives the Greater Snow Geese begin their reverse migration along the St. Lawrence River Valley. The geese travel different routes in the spring within the migration corridor of the St. Lawrence River Valley. They focus on different food sources and staging areas vs. the fall. Therefore our hunting locations change and move with them throughout the spring. We start in Baie-Du-Febvre moving east through Montmagny and L’Isle-Verte tracking the migration.

guided spring snow goose hunting

Each spring, Quebec places a conservation order for harvesting greater snow geese. This order is designed to increase harvest of these birds in the Atlantic Flyway. The spring conservation snow goose season start March first.

Each year the migration timing and speed changes slightly so we adapt and change with it. Hunts take place on scouted sites identified the day before. La Cache also has exclusive permanent hunting sites between Quebec City and Cap Tourmente, which is a major spring flight corridor. These selective permanent sites have pit blinds which guarantee a comfortable quality hunt sheltered from the spring weather. Having multiple permanent sites allows for us to move and rotate hunt locations based on winds, tides and recent bird activities.

Greater Spring Snow Goose hunting can be difficult but with the right guides, locations, equipment and scouting we have been very successful which our clients will attest to. However the Spring hunt is a lot of fun and it’s a great time to get out hunting during the off season. It’s a great sight to see thousands of Snows as well as endless Canada Geese and ducks. Snows are also a lot of fun to watch work the decoys. They work much differently than Canada Geese and when the shooting is good it’s a very rewarding hunt.

Hunting locations

  • South shore of the St-Lawrence River, from Baie-Du-Febvre to L’Isle-Verte, April first – May 22th
  • Côte-de-Beaupré & L’île d’Orléans, April first – May 22th


We offer multiple types of duck hunts depending on recent bird activity and the preferences of our clients. Options include the Victoriaville for a field hunt for mallards or on the Côte-de-Beaupré for a tidal water hunt on the banks of the majestic St. Lawrence River. When we go duck hunting on the flats, we don’t book species specific hunts. We can hunt Mallards, Pintails, Blacks, Teal,  Blue Bills and Wood Ducks, depending on the time of the year. 

Guided duck hunt

To extend the season, La Cache also organizes late season ducks hunts in eastern Ontario. These take place once the weather has turned cold and concentrated the birds on the few remaining food sources and open water areas. These hunts are typically for mallards, blacks and whistlers.


Our Canada Goose hunts are mainly carried out in the agricultural fields of north & central Quebec. We have access to thousands of acres of prime goose hunting land. Each hunt takes place on a freshly scouted new field.

This ensures our clients will be hunting a field visited by a large number of birds the morning of their hunt. These same hunts are available in eastern Ontario to finish out the season.

We hunt where the birds are; not where they were last week or last year

Harper Phillips

Change of Canada Goose Limits

Like last season, the daily limit for Canada geese is two for the period of September 26th to October 31st. This includes Lac Saint Jean as well as the Victoriaville region. The preseason, September 6th to the 25th the limit remains at 10 birds and 5 birds from the first of November until December 21st. 

During the period of the two bird limits, we will continue to offer a mixed hunt (duck and Canada geese or Snow geese and Canada geese), the goal being to obtain a similar number of opportunities as a standard Canada goose hunt. There will also be special pricing to those who would like to reserve a Canada goose hunt during the period of September 26th to October 31st.

During our main period of snow geese hunting (November), we will be holding a number of dates which will be available for hunters who wish to pursue Canada geese when the limits return to 5 birds per day. 

Hunting locations

  • Lac St-Jean September first – October 15th
  • Victoriaville September 6th – December 21th
  • Eastern Ontario December first – December 21th


Our hunts are mainly carried out in the agricultural fields & woods of central Quebec from end of April to mid May. We have access to thousands of acres of perfect wild area for turkeys. Each hunt takes place on a freshly scouted territories loaded with birds.