Our story

After more than 5 years of operation, LVL Outfitters has decided to partner with another leading and distinguished waterfowl guides service in Quebec; Phillipe Vignoul of Adventure-Sauvagine. Together we have created La Cache Outfitters. A Quebec based company that proudly offers guided hunts for migratory birds across the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. We specialize in Snow Goose hunting in both the fall and spring conservation season. Our team of guides are the best in Quebec. In addition to our snow goose hunts, we also offer hunting expeditions for Migratory Ducks and Canadian Geese. As always, our mission is to offer you an incredible hunting experience, while spending quality time with friends and family enjoying the great outdoors.

Team of professionals

Snow goose hunting has evolved a lot over the last decade and hunting pressure has increased significantly. It takes a very special individual to target waterfowl day in and day out and know exactly what to do and when to do it. At La Cache Outfitters, we have an elite group of guides who put in extra time and effort to make our hunts successful. All our guides have the experience to know what needs to be done in order to have a successful, fun and safe hunt. Their knowledge of the sport allows them to ensure a professional and enjoyable hunt, and can recognize intricacies that can make or break a hunt.

In short, our guides all have years of experience chasing waterfowl. Not only professionally, but also in their leisure time. These many hours that have been put into the sport ensure that we can adapt to variations in bird or weather behaviours. Let our team of professionals be your choice for your next waterfowl experience.


Waterfowl hunting guide

Maxime Asselin


Concurrently to the guiding, I have completed a Master of Science at Laval University in Quebec with a specialization in Biogeography and Paleoecology. Due to that undeniable influence of my professional background I apply scientific rigor in every one of my guided hunts. I have developed multiple hunting techniques based on science and I have to say … they work really well! I have been hunting waterfowl since I can remember and being outside in the field or marsh. Sharing my passion with others is what makes me happy. Hunting to me is also meeting people along the way, enjoying the great outdoors eating good food and having good times.

Canada Goose hunting guide

Philippe Vignoul


As a professional wildlife biologist, I have worked on several environmental projects over the years. My main interest is on birds with a special focus on waterfowl. Both my personal and professional background have given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of waterfowl behavior. My hunting area covers most of the south shore of the St-Lawrence river from Montréal to Rivière-du-Loup.

My hunting experience in these areas has allowed me to have an in depth understanding of the various niches of different species of waterfowl. This includes the location of many refuges and feeding grounds. Through these experiences I am able to pursue the birds throughout the whole season and migration. I have a great passion for this sport, and I would be pleased to share my experience with you during a hunt.

Guided snow goose hunting

Daniel Snyder


I grew up in western Québec near the Ontario border, where I started my career in the outdoors guiding for waterfowl. Since then I have completed My Undergrad in business and continue to pursue a career in the outdoors. 

My passion for the outdoors comes from growing up in a family of fisherman which lead me to the West-coast where I spend my summers guiding for chinook salmon and halibut. I look forward to sharing your next outdoor adventure.

guided duck hunting

Anthony Labrecque & Trace

Canada Goose Hunting

David Bernier & Luke

Waterfowl guide

Guillaume Bellavance

Wild turkey hunting

Anthony Garneau

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